Turning Assets into Cash
Basken Auctions LLC

Turning Assets into Cash
Basken Auctions 
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Lets say you have an estate, collection, or just too much stuff and you want it sold.  Let us do the work for you!

We come in and evaluate your situation. If you're looking for top dollar we'll photograph and list each one of your items into lots. They are then posted to our online auction site.  Items can be sold at your property or brought to the auction house.

A few days prior to the end of the auction there is an open house so folks can come in and see the items first hand.  Length of auctions can vary from 1- 3 weeks.

After the auction closes items are organized for the scheduled pickup days, in which winning bidders can pick up and pay for their items.

The seller gets a check after completion of pickup.  If you need fast cash or personal property moved quickly we can do a "Purchase Sale" where we make you an offer on everything and move the items shortly thereafter.

We have many different ways of selling items or property all depending what your looking for.  

Call us today for a free evaluation!