Turning Assets into Cash

Basken Auctions 
Basken Auctions provides you with an easy way to browse for items you may want to purchase.  You will need access to the internet and a web browser.  

Access to bidding can be completed by clicking on link below which is located on Homepage of this website.

Online bidding can also be accessed by ​clicking on the "Upcoming Auctions" tab on the website, which will bring you to the Hibid auction platform.

Click on the "New Bidder? Click Here" link to start the process. 

Once you have signed up as a Bidder you will just need to login by using your email/ user name and password when you want to visit again.

Follow  the simple steps in creating your online individual account for bidding.

Once your individual information is entered you may click "OK" and start your bidding!

Item Auction Bidding

Click on under lined text to view pictures of items
Bids placed on item
Time left for bidding
Current High Bid
Click on plus sign to place bid
Click on star to save for easy access to bid on favorite items
Note:  You may place a maximum bid and the  Hibid system will auto bid on your behalf until your max set dollar amount is met.

Max bid does not apply when bidding on an item with a reserve.  
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